Tiddler Tracker

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NEW from Tiddlers & Nippers.

Ingeniously designed baby journals to track your little one’s daily feeds sleep and change patterns to help you feel organised & build a routine.

Designed to be used by anyone, whether breast, formula, or combination feeding. Perfect to help co-ordinate care with relatives and helpers, they enable everyone to feel on track.

We feel they are a must have for every new parent!

Available in Grey, White and Salmon Pink.

Tips on using the Tiddler Tracker:

  1. Add each of your baby's daily activities onto a new line.
  2. Start each day at 12am and finish at 12pm to ensure you are tracking 24hr totals.
  3. Total up information at the end of each day and compare over time to see your baby's rhythms evolve.
  4. Track notes and important milestones for posterity.
Also clever to look back and compare rhythms of routine and development between each child you may have.

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